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Renée Pawlish is the award-winning author of the bestselling Reed Ferguson mystery series, horror bestseller Nephilim Genesis of Evil, The Noah Winters YA Adventure series, middle-grade historical novel This War We're In, Take Five, a short story collection, and The Sallie House: Exposing the Beast Within, a nonfiction account of a haunted house investigation. Nephilim Genesis of Evil has been compared to Stephen King and Frank Peretti. Renée was born in California, but has lived most of her life in Colorado. When she's not hiking, cycling, or chasing ballplayers for autographs, she is writing mysteries, thrillers and horror.

Here's what some people are saying about Renée:

This is a Must Read author and series

There is humor, action, mystery, suspense, and even a touch of romance.

These books are not only great mysteries in the "old style" swearing, no sex scenes and no excessive gore, but plenty of surprises, likable characters and lots of fun!

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