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Reed Ferguson Mysteries, Book 10

The past and the present collide with stunning results in the tenth installment of the Reed Ferguson mystery series.

When Brad Webb asks me to look into the decades-old murder of his grandfather, Dewey Webb, I don't see much promise of solving the case. Dewey was a Denver-based private detective who died mysteriously in 1955, but the police never found the killer. The trail is completely cold after seventy years—what hope do I have of finding the killer now?

Despite my doubts, I'm intrigued and launch my own investigation. I quickly find myself drawn into both the underworld and the elite society of 1950s Denver, where I soon realize Dewey discovered secrets someone still desperately wants to keep hidden decades later…even if it means resorting to murder.

Can I piece together clues spanning seventy years to find a killer, or will Dewey's deadly past return to destroy me?

Amazon Paperback
Amazon Paperback

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