Cool Alibi

Reed Ferguson Mysteries Short Story

Get your Reed fix with this humorous short story.

Deuce Smith, lovable friend of Denver private investigator Reed Ferguson, needs help. Someone mugged Deuce and stole his winning lottery ticket. And since Deuce had been telling everyone he met about the lucky ticket, the list of potential suspects is long. Moreover, finding out who did this to Deuce is only part of the problem; proving it is much trickier. Unable to resist the challenge of an investigation, Reed agrees to help his friend figure out who mugged him and retrieve the ticket, which leads to more than just finding a thief.

Cool Alibi is a suspense-filled mystery short story, with a Bogie-wannabe detective, lots of humor, and a clever homage to film noir. From the award-wining author of This Doesn't Happen In The Movies.

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