Dangers on a Train


Reed Ferguson Mysteries, Book 20

A mysterious envelope accidentally dropped on a light-rail train.

Denver private investigator Reed Ferguson's off-duty ride on a Denver light-rail train turns deadly when he retrieves an envelope accidentally dropped by one of the commuters, a young college student. The envelope contains a picture of a body, but who is it? And isn't that blood near the person's head?

Reed's curiosity gets the best of him, and he feels compelled to find the student, who tells a bizarre story of a stranger hiring him to pass the envelope to a woman on the train. The student doesn’t know who she is, or what was in the envelope. And now the stranger is after him. As Reed searches for the stranger on the train, he soon discovers the identity of the body in the picture, and a number of suspects who have good reason to want him dead.

To make matters worse, the stranger has his sights on Reed…

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