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Reed Ferguson Mysteries

I should have run when Amanda Ghering walked into my detective agency looking like a femme fatale from a film noir. But I didn’t.  

Someone is determined to keep the details hidden, but I will continue searching for the truth … even though it might cost me my life.

 I become the hunted and discover man's best friend can attract some decidedly unfriendly characters.

I organized a search for him and quickly discovered his connection to some unsavory construction businesses.

Compelled by a dark secret from my past, I take on my most unique case yet when I’m hired as a bodyguard for young,

The latest installment in the Reed Ferguson mystery series is sure to keep readers riveted until the final page.

I’m heading into unknown territory when marijuana-store owner Jodie Lundgren asks for help. 

In a nightmarish turn of events, I find myself the prime suspect in the murder of another private investigator, Noel Farrell.

 I go undercover as an employee in her store and soon discover that selling weed can be a hazardous business.

The past and the present collide with stunning results in the tenth installment of the Reed Ferguson mystery series.

I’m urgently piecing together clues that may lead not only to my missing client, but to perilous situations I never expected.

She asks me to find out who, but before I can identify the cheater, a mysterious death occurs at the tournament.

Before I know it, I’m investigating a Medicare scam and a doctor who believes hired killers are after him.

Questioning her past and yearning to find the mother she’s never met, Gina hires me to find answers.

I think this will be the simplest case I've solved. Unfortunately, Sally moved without leaving a forwarding address.

To complicate matters, romantic sparks fly between Holly and Cal, my computer-geek best friend.

Denver private investigator Reed Ferguson and his wife, Willie, find a bag full of money in a city park.

One phone call begins the most unexpected case I’ve ever faced.
“Reed, dear, it’s your mother.”

I didn't expect my newest case to be a treasure hunt, but I’m thrown into one when Matt McCoy hires me to find an inheritance hidden by his father.
Denver private investigator Reed Ferguson's off-duty ride on a Denver light-rail train turns deadly when he retrieves an envelope accidentally dropped by a commuter.

For the first time in his career, Denver private investigator Reed Ferguson is reluctant to take a case. 

When Denver private investigator Reed Ferguson’s best friend asks for help, how can Reed refuse?

Reed Ferguson Novellas

It’s Christmas time, and Denver private investigator Reed Ferguson’s family and friends are coming into town. 

Denver PI, Reed Ferguson, accepts a missing persons case that thrusts him into a world of strippers and night clubs.

Reed Ferguson Short Stories

Will Reed and Cal find the hacker before he exposes all of Cal’s professional secrets and threatens his livelihood?

It’s not really an investigation, but he’s a sucker for a damsel in distress, so he agrees to help.

Get your Reed fix with this humorous short story. Deuce Smith, lovable friend of Denver private investigator Reed needs help.

Perry Rawlings, an Elvis impersonator, has his prize Mickey Mantle baseball card stolen. Who is the culprit?

Nat has been accused of trying to buy test answers to an important exam, and she asks for Reed's help.

Reed Ferguson Mysteries Box Sets







Jo Gunning Thrillers

Ex-Army Civil Affairs specialist Jo Gunning is enjoying her anonymity and lack of commitments in Virginia when she crosses paths with a runaway teenage girl in need.

Ex-Army Civil Affairs specialist and loner Jo Gunning is headed west, but she detours and finds herself in a small town in rural Alabama.

Ex-Army Civil Affairs specialist and loner Jo Gunning is trying to lead a quiet life, but that’s interrupted when her friend, Dack, requests her help. 

The Sarah Spillman Mysteries

For Denver Homicide detective Sarah Spillman, a secret from her past haunts each new investigation and could derail her hard-earned career.

He’s hunting, and she may be next on his list… Denver homicide detective Sarah Spillman is called to investigate the rape and murder of a young woman.

Who would dump a woman’s body behind a sleazy motel? She was a prostitute, young and alone, a discard of society. No one cared she was dead except Denver Homicide detective.

A car found at a park, a woman’s body inside. It appeared Dr. Amy Babbitt had a good life. Did she commit suicide, or did someone want her dead?
No secrets stay buried forever.
When a Denver judge is brutally slain, Detective Sarah Spillman inherits her biggest case yet.
A summer evening in Denver. Three seemingly random people shot within hours, and only one victim has survived: Detective Sarah Spillman.

After surviving a near-fatal shooting, Denver homicide detective Sarah Spillman is planning her wedding, and she’s back on the job, investigating the mysterious death of Long. 

When the body of Shannon Rendon is found in a drainage ditch near a church, Denver homicide detective Sarah Spillman and her team must figure out who the killer is before he slips away again …

When a self-proclaimed psychic warns the Denver police about a murder that hasn't happened yet, she's ignored. But after businessman Roy Campbell’s body is found in an abandoned warehouse,

The Sarah Spillman Short Stories

It was supposed to be a joke, but someone didn't get the humor. And Sarah must find out if it was a suicide, or murder…

Now Sarah has to pull out all the stops to halt his killing spree, and keep from being his next victim.

But this is no ordinary body, and Sarah can't help but investigate. What she finds is more weird than murder…

Dewey Webb Historical Mysteries

Dewey, toughened by his own war experiences, reluctantly takes the case, certain it will lead to nothing.

Herb Washburn has already been convicted of murdering his boss, Mel Templeton, owner of Templeton Fashion.

Dewey puts aside his bitter feelings for the father who abandoned him as a child and begins a hunt for Len.

Dewey agrees, but before they can talk, Roy dies, an apparent suicide. But is that the case?

As Dewey hunts for Nora,  he uncovers secrets about the Caffreys that may explain Nora’s disappearance.

It’s 1951, a new year, and Denver private investigator Dewey Webb’s new case is simple enough.

Dewey digs for answers, which points him to Frank Gibbons, who is on trial for murder. 

Dewey Webb Historical Mysteries Short Stories

Bartender Jerry Manco worries that his son Angelo is up to no good – not for the first time.

When Ellis Dukakis – a man known to skirt the boundaries of the law – hires Denver PI Dewey Webb for a quick surveillance job.

Dewey Webb Historical Mysteries Box Sets

The first three mysteries in the acclaimed Dewey Webb series: Web of Deceit, Murder in Fashion, and Secrets and Lies. It's 1949. 

Dewey Webb Historical Mysteries box set 4 6
The fourth, fifth, and sixth mysteries in the acclaimed Dewey Webb series: Honor Among Thieves, Trouble Finds Her, and Mob Rule.

Standalone Psychological Suspense

She thought her neighbors had the perfect life. But when murder rocks the suburbs, she becomes the perfect suspect…

I am alone in rural Colorado, but I can't escape my past. When Leah Gibson dies, and her husband and daughter disappear,

Supernatural Mystery

Ancient beings that remain today.
A dark power described in Genesis revisits a small mountain town. 

Short Stories

Five mystery tales set in Colorado.
Sarah Spillman, a sassy Denver police detective.

But as he journeys deep into the mine, he discovers much more than crumbling limestone.

So begins the story of Joseph, a 400-year-old vampire, who shares his tale of seduction of a teenage girl.


A paranormal team, led by Joe Cetrone, spends the weekend investigating the house, pursuing the dark and demonic.

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