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Reed Ferguson Mysteries

I should have run when Amanda Ghering walked into my detective agency looking like a femme fatale from a film noir. But I didn’t.  

A real estate agent who didn’t like cycling or heights dies after riding off a cliff in the Colorado mountains, and the police 

When a client begs me to find the prize-winning Maltese show dog stolen from her back yard, I suspect 

My detective business and personal life were running smoothly until one of the Goofball Brothers went 

Compelled by a dark secret from my past, I take on my most unique case yet when I’m hired as a bodyguard for young,

I’m in-between cases when a house fire in Denver reveals a charred body. My girlfriend, Willie, owns the building and is 

I’m heading into unknown territory when marijuana-store owner Jodie Lundgren asks for help. She suspects someone is 

In a nightmarish turn of events, I find myself the prime suspect in the murder of another private investigator, Noel Farrell.

Things are great with my girlfriend, Willie, and I’m about to make a big decision, but when Charlie Preston, second baseman

When Brad Webb asks me to look into the decades-old murder of his grandfather, Dewey Webb, I don't see much…

Like my hero, Humphrey Bogart, I am a sucker for a damsel in distress, but the woman disappears before I can whisk her 

It’s springtime in Denver, and I’m less than a week away from my wedding. When an old flame shows up asking for help…

My honeymoon turns deadly when Willie and I stumble across a body on a beach in Tahiti. Before I know it, 

“I think my father might have killed my mother.” With this one sentence, Gina Smith immediately draws me 

When Brenda Evans asks me to deliver a message to her estranged daughter, Sally, I think this will be the simplest case…

The suspects with motives are many, including Shirley’s shy granddaughter, Holly, 

Denver private investigator Reed Ferguson and his wife, Willie, find a bag full of money in a city park, 

One phone call begins the most unexpected case I’ve ever faced.
“Reed, dear, it’s your mother.”

I didn't expect my newest case to be a treasure hunt, but I’m thrown into one when Matt …

Reed Ferguson Novellas

It’s Christmas time, and Denver private investigator Reed Ferguson’s family and friends are coming into town. 

Denver PI, Reed Ferguson, accepts a missing persons case that thrusts him into a world of strippers and night clubs.

Reed Ferguson Short Stories

Reed Ferguson is back in a fun, suspenseful tale. Computer hacker Cal Whitmore is always there to assist his friend Reed,

When Darcy Cranston asks her friend Reed Ferguson, a Denver private investigator, to talk to her boyfriend…

Get your Reed fix with this humorous short story. Deuce Smith, lovable friend of Denver private investigator Reed 

Reed Ferguson returns in an outrageously fun tale!Perry Rawlings, an Elvis impersonator, has his prize Mickey Mantle 

Another Reed Ferguson mystery short story comes your way! Christmas time is here, but it might not be merry for Natalie

Reed Ferguson Mysteries Box Sets






The first five Reed Ferguson short stories in one collection! Elvis And The Sports Card Cheat Perry 

Dewey Webb Historical Mysteries

Gordon Sandalwood suspects his wife Edith is hiding something from him, and he asks Denver private investigator Dewey Webb 

In post-World War II Denver, the world of fashion can be murder. Herb Washburn has already been convicted of 

 The past has a way of coming back with a vengeance. On an October day in 1949, private eye Dewey Webb’s life is turned 

It’s 1949, and Denver private investigator Dewey Webb isn’t thinking about murder, he’s pondering the stack of bills he 

It’s the end of 1949, and Denver private investigator Dewey Webb is asked to do what seems like a simple thing: find Jasper 

It’s 1951, a new year, and Denver private investigator Dewey Webb’s new case is simple enough: Follow Maxwell 

On a dreary Denver night in 1951, Dewey Webb’s best friend Chet Inglewood is attacked, launching Dewey into an 

Dewey Webb Historical Mysteries Short Stories

Dewey Webb appears in his first short story! Bartender Jerry Manco worries that his son Angelo is up to no good – not for 

When Ellis Dukakis – a man known to skirt the boundaries of the law – hires Denver PI Dewey Webb for a quick surveillance job, 

Dewey Webb Historical Mysteries Box Sets

The first three mysteries in the acclaimed Dewey Webb series: Web of Deceit, Murder in Fashion, and Secrets and Lies. It's 1949. 

Standalone Psychological Suspense

She thought her neighbors had the perfect life. But when murder rocks the suburbs, she becomes the perfect suspect…

I am alone in rural Colorado, but I can't escape my past. When Leah Gibson dies, and her husband and daughter disappear,

The Sarah Spillman Short Stories

Denver police detective Sarah Spillman investigates an apparent suicide at a college party, but one glance at the party

Murdered prostitutes. An ex-boyfriend. Prank phone calls. An astute Denver police detective with a wicked

It was supposed to be a vacation. That's what Denver police detective Sarah Spillman thinks when she and her boyfriend, 

Supernatural Mystery

Ancient beings that remain today.
A dark power described in Genesis revisits a small mountain town. A journalist who

Short Stories

Renée Pawlish, the award-winning author of the Reed Ferguson mystery series, the Dewey Webb historical mystery series,

From the author of the horror bestseller Nephilim Genesis of Evil. Matthew Kruger visits Codename Richard, a mine 

First featured in Dark Moon Presents: Vampires! a vampire anthology. “I love the taste of blood.” So begins the story of


The Sallie House Evil lurks in a haunted house in Kansas. A paranormal team, led by Joe Cetrone, spend the weekend 

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