Reed Ferguson Box Set 10-12

You won’t be able to put this down! This collection is pages and pages of action, humor, mystery, suspense and a touch of romance.

“Takes the best of old-fashioned cozy and hard-boiled novels and brings the resulting tale into the present with page-turning results.”

Back Story (Book 10)

When Brad Webb asks me to look into the decades-old murder of his grandfather, Dewey Webb, I don't see much promise of solving the case. Dewey was a Denver-based private detective who died mysteriously in 1955, but the police never found the killer. The trail is completely cold after seventy years—what hope do I have of finding the killer now?
Despite my doubts, I'm intrigued and launch my own investigation. I quickly find myself drawn into both the underworld and the elite society of 1950s Denver, where I soon realize Dewey discovered secrets someone still desperately wants to keep hidden decades later…even if it means resorting to murder.
Can I piece together clues spanning seventy years to find a killer, or will Dewey's deadly past return to destroy me?

Night of the Hunted (Book 11)

When I receive a call from a mysterious woman seeking my help to escape her abusive husband, I can’t refuse, even though I'm supposed to meet my future in-laws in twenty-four hours.
Like my hero, Humphrey Bogart, I am a sucker for a damsel in distress, but the woman disappears before I can whisk her to safety, and I feel compelled to find her. It’s a harrowing race against time to find the kidnappers … I just hope I’m not too late.

The Postman Always Brings Twice (Book 12)

In the world of high-stakes gambling, a killer lurks…
It’s springtime in Denver, and I’m less than a week away from my wedding. When an old flame shows up asking for help, things quickly go awry. Alicia plays in high-stakes poker tournaments, and she believes someone is cheating. She asks me to find out who, but before I can identify the cheater, a mysterious death occurs at the tournament.
I soon find myself on a suspect list almost as long as the wedding guest list. With my fiancée spinning from pre-wedding jitters, and our parents arriving in two days, I juggle to balance wedding commitments and the search to find the killer.

Can I solve the crime and clear my name before wedding bells ring?

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