Reed Ferguson Box Set 7-9

The adventures of Denver's wittiest detective continue!


The Lady Who Sang High (A Reed Ferguson Mystery #7)

I’m heading into unknown territory when marijuana-store owner Jodie Lundgren asks for help.

She suspects someone is trying to steal her newly developed process for growing marijuana faster and cheaper. Jodie hires me to see if her suspicions are true or only part of her stoner imagination. I go undercover as an employee in her store and soon discover that selling weed can be a hazardous business.

It doesn’t take long to uncover secrets and lies … all leading to murder. No one is safe until I find the killer, and I have to act fast before my case goes up in smoke.

Sweet Smell of Sucrets (A Reed Ferguson Mystery #8)

In a nightmarish turn of events, I find myself the prime suspect in the murder of another private investigator, Noel Farrell.
I have to work overtime to clear my own name when I am wrongly accused and unable to provide a convincing alibi.

As I untangle a complex trail of clues, I learn Farrell discovered something much more disturbing than the usual, run of the mill PI case and attempted to contact me for help. Unfortunately, whoever murdered Farrell wants me dead, too.

Can I find the killers before they put an end to me, or will the good guy finally lose?

The Third Fan (A Reed Ferguson Mystery #9)

Things are great with my girlfriend, Willie, and I’m about to make a big decision, but when Charlie Preston, second baseman for the Colorado Rockies, is suspected of murdering his best friend, he turns to me for help.
I believe in Charlie’s innocence and take the case. As I dig into the murder victim’s past, I quickly find myself ensnared in the clandestine underworld of illegal steroids.

As the lists of suspects grows, so does the danger to myself and Willie, and I battle not only to solve the crime, but also to save the person I love most.

Downloaded over a million times, The Reed Ferguson mystery series is recommended for those who love a series with twists and turns and a dose of humor.

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